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Muhsincan Sesen

Research Associate
Institute of Biological Chemistry, Biophysics and Bioengineering
Heriot-Watt University

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My popular science blog in Turkish.

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I also write on Quora.

About Me

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My research aims to develop end-user microfluidic products for improving human health and well-being by utilising state of the art fabrication and automation techniques. During masters, I designed an innovative biomedical needle, SUTAB, capable of eroding kidney and bladder stones as well as killing circulating tumour cells and ablating benign prostatic hyperplasia tissue. After joining the Laboratory for Microsystems (LMS) at Monash University for my PhD studies, I designed numerous single and multi-phase microfluidic devices that find widespread biomedical applications such as sample preparation, handling and storage; particle and cell separation as well as protein crystallisation. I developed and patented a revolutionary automated nanofluidic Pipette-on-a-CHip (PoaCH) with integrated capacitive sensing.

Recently, I joined the Institute of Biological Chemistry, Biophysics and Bioengineering (IB3) at Heriot-Watt University as a Research Associate to expand my knowledge and skills in biology and chemistry. In IB3, I gained invaluable insight into the research being carried out in the frontiers of life sciences allowing me to engineer to their needs. I’ve recently been perfecting a droplet microfluidic single cell sorting chip that translates expert knowledge into cell sorting automation; the chip uses supervised machine learning algorithms to identify cells of interest and collect them using dielectrophoresis.

Latest Projects


  • Public Lecture - Pint of Science, UK.
  • Invited Talk - University of Glasgow, UK.
  • ANZNMF 2016 - Brisbane, Australia.
  • ANZNMF 2015 - Melbourne, Australia.
  • MicroTAS 2014 - San Antonio, USA.
  • ICNMM 2010 - Montreal, Canada.
  • IHTC 2010 - Washington, USA.
  • ESDA 2010 - Istanbul, Turkey.
  • NANO TR VI - Izmir, Turkey.
  • IMECE 2009 - Orlanda, USA.


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  • MEC4428 Adv. Dynamics
  • MEC4425 µ/nano Solid & Fluid Mechanics
  • MEC2405 Thermodynamics
  • MEC2403 Mechanics of Mat.
  • MEC2404 Fluid Mechanics
  • ENG1040 Eng. Dynamics

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  • B29PI Applied Physics
  • B27TA Investigative Techniques


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  • ENS 204 Mechanics (Head Demonstrator)
  • MATH 101 Calculus I
  • CS 201 Introduction to Computing
  • PROJ 102 Remote Controlled Hovercraft (Created & Supervised)
  • PROJ 102 Remote Controlled Submarine (Created & Supervised)